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Breast Augmentation Implant Types

Breast augmentation using breast implants can help,as a transwoman, to remove the disparity between your body and your identity.


There are a number of options in terms of type and size of implant that you should discuss with your MTF surgeon.

The suitability of implants is affected by the amount of existing breast tissue and skin and the look which you hope to achieve.


Anatomical and round breast implants are available, with the former being a teardrop shape that gives a more natural look to the breasts.

  • Round implants can increase the volume of the breast to a greater extent and provide more lift; they are also less problematic, if rotation occurs after surgery, due to their symmetrical shape.
  • Anatomical breast implants may, however, be more suitable if you have quite a flat chest with limited breast skin under which to place the implant.
  • The teardrop shape of the anatomical model can give the breast a more natural look, although problems may occur if the implant rotates after surgery with the necessity of further surgery a possibility to correct the appearance.


In general, all anatomical implants are textured so as to minimise the risk of displacement occurring after surgery.

  • Textured implants may also be beneficial for reducing capsular contracture, although this is yet to be proven.
  • Round implants can be selected with a smooth surface or a textured surface according to your desires.
  • Smooth implants are almost always chosen for round models as they give a softer look, reduce the risk of ripples occurring and are inexpensive compared to the textured model.


The selection of the size of an implant will vary according to the desired result of the augmentation.

If you have the breast tissue to support a large implant and wish for a significant increase in volume then this option may be available.

For transwomen who are looking to correct any asymmetry in the breast tissue resulting from hormone treatment, a smaller implant may be chosen simply to give the breasts a lift and make them feel and appear fuller and firmer.

Implants come in a variety of sizes ranging from small (125cc) to very large (1200cc).

Your surgeon will be able to guide you through the options when choosing the size of your breast implants.


For many years saline implants were the most popular choice for breast augmentation amid safety concerns over silicone implants.

Now that these concerns have been allayed the use of silicone breast implants has, once again, become popular.

The use of cohesive silicone gel implants is still being studied in clinical trials and no clear safety or efficacy evidence is available as yet.

Educating yourself about the types of implants, saline, silicone, and cohesive silicone, can give you an idea of the benefits and risks of each type before deciding on which to have for your breast augmentation.

The choice of incision location is affected by your choice of either saline or silicone implant as some implants come pre-filled and are, therefore, difficult to insert through a smaller incision.