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Before Breast Augmentation Surgery

For any kind of surgery you need to be both physically and psychologically ready.


Physical readiness involves being in a reasonable state of general health and completing any pre-surgical requirements as advised by your surgeon, such as quitting smoking or altering medications you may be taking (such as oestrogen).

It is also important to have a post-surgical plan in place to ensure that you have a safe place in which to recover and friends, family, or other caregiver to assist you in the first few days of recovery.


Physical readiness is not the only consideration with breast augmentation surgery however, as mental preparation is also very important.

Ensuring that you understand the profound effect that MTF surgery can have on your sense of identity and self is vital as expectations need to be realistic to avoid disappointment after any initial post-surgery euphoria abates.

Take time to discuss your priorities with your surgeon; some transwomen are more concerned about retaining touch sensation and others with achieving as natural a look as possible making different procedures more likely in each case.


Surgically augmented breasts look and feel different than breasts without implants, whoever undergoes the procedure.

Breasts with implants tends to be firmer, rounder, and further apart than non-implanted breasts and it is important that your chosen surgeon understands how the wider chest wall of many MTFs can affect the final results of breast augmentation surgery.

Your MTF surgeon should be familiar with the difference between non-trans women and MTFs in terms of skin, muscle shape, and breast development and adjust procedures accordingly.

Looking at pictures of previous patients can give you a realistic view of the outcome of different procedures.

It may help to concentrate on those with a similar body size and shape to yourself in order to see how their surgery has affected them.


If you are having oestrogen therapy then your breasts may continue to grow and change shape for two years or so which can affect the surgery available to you.

In general, the larger the breasts, and the more stretched the nipples and skin, the easier it is to have breast augmentation and achieve a natural look.

You are likely to be told to cease your oestrogen regime two weeks prior to surgery to reduce the risk of thrombophlebitis.

For those transwomen who have not had hormone therapy breast implants will usually be a little smaller and you may wish to have additional procedures such as nipple tattooing to increase the size of the areola to match your new breast size.


If you are undergoing breast augmentation alone (without any MTF genital surgery), you will be admitted to the clinic on the same day as your surgery.

Patients will require pre operative tests prior to their admission. We try and combine this with your initial consultation two weeks before surgery, especially if you do not live locally.

As the procedure is performed under general anaesthetic you will usually be told not to eat or drink anything after midnight the night before your operation.